Today Cyber Security plays a paramount role in global security. On this blog, the CEO of Paramount Defenses shares rare insights on issues related to Cyber Security, including Privileged Access, Organizational Cyber Security, Foundational Security, Windows Security, Active Directory Security, Insider Threats and other topics.

January 25, 2010

Hello, World

Hi Folks,

I'm Sanjay, CEO of Paramount Defenses, and formerly Microsoft Program Manager for Active Directory Security.

If you use Microsoft's Windows to logon at work, whether it be at a business or a government organization, or if you're invested in the stock market, chances are that my work impacts your life today.

You see, underlying the information security of 8 out of every 10 IT infrastructures in the world lies Microsoft's Active Directory, and for 4 years (2001 - 2005) I was responsible for its security for Microsoft.

Today I run Paramount Defenses, a valued Microsoft security partner, where we develop innovative high-value security solutions that solve byzantine problems and fulfill global, paramount security needs.

You'll hopefully agree that today IT security is paramount to corporate and national security, and perhaps because I know what lies beneath, I worry about the state of organizational IT security defenses globally.

I've decided to share some perspectives on certain IT security issues that impact the security of organizations worldwide today, with the hope of improving their security posture, so it can have a positive impact your personal, professional and financial security as well.

Stay tuned...

Best wishes,