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November 5, 2010

Gold Finger 3.0 Now Deployed in 3000+ Organizations in 65+ Countries Worldwide


One week ago, we introduced Gold Finger 3.0, the latest release of our innovative IT security and resultant access reporting solution for Microsoft Active Directory.

The powerful Gold Finger 3.0 delivers substantial enhancements for our global customers, including custom ready-to-furnish report generation capabilities, novel reporting features, advanced reports, an enhanced UI, versatile licensing options, a new edition, and an online store.

Most importantly, it is also the most provably trustworthy reporting solution for Microsoft's Active Directory.

Perhaps the fact that Gold Finger is the world's only IT solution that can accurately determine resultant access in Active Directory and instantly deliver mission-critical security insight, which organizations absolutely need but just do not have today, is also worthy of mention.

I am pleased to inform you that earlier today, Gold Finger 3.0 crossed the 3000th organization deployment mark, and is now deployed in more than 65 countries worldwide.

You can expect Paramount Defenses to continue to deliver innovation and value to Microsoft's global ecosystem, because at its foundation lies Active Directory, and its security is of paramount importance.

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- Sanjay