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April 6, 2010

Introducing Gold Finger version 2.5, our $50M gift to the Microsoft Ecosystem


Earlier this month Paramount Defenses officially released v2.5 of our Gold Finger IT security audit, compliance and reporting solution for Microsoft Windows Server based IT infrastructures powered by Active Directory.

Gold Finger v2.5 features over 400 security reports, including TRUE last logon reports, enhanced searching, instant CSV exporting and seamless support for Windows 7 clients.

With Gold Finger v2.5, organizations can instantly fulfill their security audit and regulatory compliance reporting needs for identity and access management, and do so in a reliable and trustworthy fashion.

With well over 200,000 Microsoft Certified Systems Administrators in the world today, and the Free Edition representing a modest US $500/admin in value, just the Free Edition of Gold Finger v2.5 in itself represents a $50M gift to the Microsoft ecosystem.

Best wishes,Sanjay
At Paramount Defenses Inc, we're committed to ensuring that the Microsoft ecosystem can fulfill its security audit and regulatory compliance reporting needs in an efficient, cost-effective and most importantly, in a trustworthy fashion.