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October 1, 2012

Active Directory Security - Mission-Critical To Global Security


As you may know, from the US Government to the Fortune 1000, at the very foundation of security of over 85% of all organizations worldwide, lies Microsoft's Active Directory, the bedrock of identity and access management and distributed/enterprise security (authentication, authorization, auditing.)

Active Directory - The Very Foundation of Security Worldwide

The compromise of an organization's Active Directory is tantamount to the compromise of the very foundation of the organization's security. Consequently, Active Directory Security is mission-critical to organizational security today.

As mission-critical as it is, in our experience, we have found that very few organizations actually understand how critical it is to their security, how vulnerable it potentially is to attack, how vast its attack surface, how to adequately protect it, and what the consequences of an Active Directory attack could be to their organization.

Active Directory Security is Mission-Critical To Organizational Security

In an effort to help organizations and IT administrators worldwide obtain a better understanding of this mission-critical component of global security, I've asked my staff to share knowledge on the most salient of aspects of Active Directory Security, via the following -

Active Directory
ACL Viewer
AD Permissions
Active Directory Security Analysis Active Directory
Access Manager
Active Directory
ACL Exporter
Active Directory
Token Viewer
Active Directory Security Audits Active Directory Security Active Directory
Access Audits
Active Directory
Security Explorer
Active Directory Delegated Access Active Directory Security Audit Reports Active Directory Security Active Directory Access Audit Reports Active Directory Resultant Access
AD Reporting
Active Directory Permissions Analysis Identity, Security
and Access Blog
Active Directory Effective Permissions Free Active Directory
/AD Reporting Tools
Active Directory Audit Tool Active Directory
Password Resets
Active Directory
Risk Assessments
Active Directory
Delegation Risks
Active Directory Reporting Tool

In days and weeks to come, you can expect us to share valuable information on Active Directory Security with organizations worldwide, so they can adequately protect their Active Directory, and thereby adequately protect the very foundation of their security.

In addition, via the Active Directory Security Blog, we will ask some of the most valuable and pertinent questions on the the subject, as well as provide answers, so organizations worldwide can adequately secure and defend their mission-critical Active Directory deployments from harm.

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