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November 13, 2012

Providing Thought Leadership in the Global Enterprise Security & Active Directory Security Space Across 100+ Countries Worldwide


Today, enterprise security plays a vital role in global security, because in today's digital world, from governments to business institutions, organizations are essentially digital fortresses, and it is enterprise security that enables secure access, both within and amongst these digital fortresses.

Today, there are also 1000+ vendors in the enterprise security space that offer a variety of security solutions ranging from anti-virus protection to biometric authentication, because there are numerous components to enterprise security, such as network security, endpoint-protection, two-factor authentication, mobile device security, secure data storage, secure VPN, identity management, access management, regulatory compliance,  and so on.

However, NONE of them are remotely as important as the protection of the very foundation of enterprise security itself, because if the very foundation of security is compromised, ALL of these instantly become virtually useless.

Active Directory is the Foundation of Enterprise Security Worldwide

Today, at the very foundation of enterprise security in over 85% of these digital fortresses lies Microsoft's Active Directory technology, the bed-rock of the 3As of security, Authentication, Authorization and Auditing, which together enable and facilitate least-privileged access to organizational IT assets/resources.

Thus, the security of the Active Directory itself is of paramount importance, because the compromise of an organization's foundational Active Directory deployment would be tantamount to the compromise of its very foundation of security, and when the foundation of security is compromised, every IT asset protected by the foundation is in jeopardy of being compromised.

Providing Thought Leadership in the Global Active Directory Space

At Paramount Defenses, we understand firsthand both, the importance of securing and defending foundational Active Directory deployments worldwide, as well as what it takes to adequately secure and defend them.

We thus develop and deliver the world's most valuable and innovative Active Directory Security solutions to help organizations efficiently and reliably secure and defend their foundational Active Directory deployments -

In addition, we also help organizations worldwide gain a deeper understanding of what it takes to adequately secure and defend their foundational, mission-critical Active Directory deployments.

We do so by operating and leading the world's largest community of IT professionals focused on the vital field of Active Directory Security, the Active Directory Security Professionals Group on LinkedIn.

Today our 1500+ member strong global community is comprised of Active Directory security practioners from 100+ countries worldwide and includes some of the world's finest IT professionals from some of the world's most prominent organizations, such as –
Paramount Defenses Microsoft Goldman Sachs
U.S. Army Boeing Israeli Air Force
Lockheed Martin IBM General Electric
Bank of America JP Morgan Chase Credit Suisse
Wells Fargo Wachovia Bank Bank of Kuwait
Hewlett Packard Dell Siemens
Arcelor Mittal FedEx Brazilian Stock Exchange
U.S. Department of
Homeland Security
Lloyd's of London U.S. Department
of Energy

Together, we help organizations worldwide measurably enhance the protection afforded to foundational Active Directory deployments, and in doing so, we help measurably improve enterprise security across the world.

True Thought Leadership

When it comes to the Enterprise Security space, nothing is more important than protecting the very foundation of security, and based on experienced insight we laid out our vision for trustworthy foundational security half a decade ago, well before the Symantecs and the Dells of the world.

But mere words are cheap, which is why we demonstrate Thought Leadership not in words, but in action.

Best wishes,