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January 31, 2013

Just 10 Simple, Elemental Questions Impacting > A $ Trillion of Wealth


This year, I'm going to ask just 10 simple, elemental questions related to Cyber Security in general and Active Directory Security in particular, that will go a long way in protecting over a $ trillion of wealth.

I'm going to ask these questions to the 1600+ members of our global community spanning 100+ countries worldwide.

A $ trillion may sound like a big number, but it isn't really that big, becaue big and small are all relative. If you take into account the fact that Active Directory Security impacts over 85% of organizations worlwide, a $ trillion's not too much. These questions impact the security of over 20,000 organizations worldwide from the United States Government to Goldman Sachs, and from Google to Cisco.

For those interested in being privy to these questions, you're welcome to join our global Active Directory Professionals Group.