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May 25, 2016

Its Time to Provide Thought Leadership to the Cyber Security Space


Ten years ago, after doing my bit, I had moved on from Microsoft Corporation to help organizations worldwide adequately secure and defend the very foundation of their cyber security and their very lifeline, their foundational Active Directory.

Given my years at MSFT, I had a lot to share with the world back then as well, but as someone once said, mere talk is cheap.

So I silently went to work for an entire decade (2006 - 2016) to address arguably the world's biggest cyber security challenge.

Ten years later, not only have we uniquely addressed it for the entire world, we've made it as easy as touching one button.

Today, my work  speaks for itself, and it uniquely helps secure and defend the world's most powerful organizations worldwide.

Today, what we do at Paramount Defenses is imperative for and mission-critical to the cyber security of Microsoft's ecosystem.

We have much to say, and now that its no longer mere talk, we're going to talk a little.

Starting July 04, 2016, its time to provide thought leadership to the Cyber Security space.

Best wishes,

PS: Between now and July 04, 2016, I'll also cover a few low-key items on this blog because they need to be addressed.

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