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July 26, 2016

The Importance of Active Directory Security: It Impacts Global Security


Today, as the very foundation of identity, security and access management at 90% of business and government organizations worldwide, Microsoft Active Directory is the very foundation of cyber security worldwide. Today, it helps protect Trillions.

To understand how this relates to all of us, perhaps it may help to internalize that at the very foundation of cyber security of virtually every organization that directly impacts billions of people worldwide, from our employers to our financial institutions, from the companies we invest in to our governments, from our educational institutions to our hospitals, from companies that build and sell all that the world needs to companies that provide the world's utilities (energy, transportation, security etc.) lies Microsoft Active Directory.

The security of Active Directory deployments worldwide is thus critical to global security and a matter of paramount defenses.

Unfortunately, the executive and IT leadership of most organizations do not seem to clearly understand this profound fact yet, so a few weeks ago we directly brought this fact to the attention of the executive leaders of the world's Top-100 companies. In weeks to follow, we learnt just how little organizations worldwide know about the top cyber security risks to Active Directory.

It appears that in part, at the root of global lack of gravitas on this most important subject, and the lack of adequate awareness, guidance and solutions on/for Active Directory security, may lie the lack of gravitas of one particular organization, so, starting tomorrow, July 27, 2016, and in days to follow, we will ask a few questions and share a few insights right here on this blog.

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PS: I'll ask a $100B question tomorrow. Technically, given the above, it could be a Trillion $ question, but we'll leave it at 100B.