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August 4, 2016

Satya Nadella on the Most Valuable Thing in Life


After a few days of sharing thoughts on heavy stuff, such as this, this and this, I though it might be nice to take a break and talk about lighter things too. Today's post is about a headline I came across this morning that made me wonder why it's a headline.

That interesting headline "Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella talks about the most valuable thing in life" can be found here.

He was talking about Time.

Aha! I could see how it could make a headline in a world where most business leaders are focused on valuing and pursuing the creation of Wealth, even if for their shareholders. In fairness to them, it's what their jobs require & what they're incentivized for.


Unfortunately, sometimes when you're at the helm of gigantic financial ships that are headed full-steam in the pursuit of Wealth, you can often end up not having enough Time. Perhaps that's when you realize that Time may be the most valuable thing in life.

Satya, Time is actually the 2nd most valuable thing in life. The 1st one's a little deeper; perhaps I'll tell you about it someday.

You were close though. Well said!


PS: As someone who profoundly values time, I've spent a decade solving arguably one of the biggest cyber security challenges facing the world & Microsoft today. Interestingly, Microsoft may not yet realize the magnitude of this problem. They may, in time.

PS2: Well said, Satya - keep up the good work! BTW, if I may offer some unsolicited advice - "Its always better for a company to give the world (i.e. their customers) what they (the customers) want, or at least a choice, in contrast to (border-line) imposing a paradigm shift on them just because it might be better for its own bottom-line. And while its great to focus on the promise of Cloud Computing, it might also be worth letting them know about the risks (for your customers that is) associated with it."

Nov 04, 16 Update: Satya, re the most valuable thing in life, see PS section of - Speaking of Cyber Security, Microsoft & Trust.