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December 31, 2010

The End of the Dark Ages...

For over a decade now, organizations have been operating in the proverbial dark when it comes to knowing Who can really do What in their IT infrastrucutres, and in particular, in regards to knowing who can really enact which IT administrative tasks in their IT infrastructures. 

For instance, while numerous IT personnel may have the ability to reset the password of the user account of the organization's CEO, in all likelihood, in most organizations, no one really knows exactly who can reset the CEO's account's password.

Organizations that do not know exactly who effectively has what administrative entitlements for identity, security and access management in their IT infrastrucutre, have a (very serious) problem, because a single such unauthorized administrative access grant is usually sufficient to cause substantial damage to organizational security.

Tomorrow, Paramount Defenses Inc, will put an end to this problem...

                                 ... tomorrow, after a decade of darkneess, there will be light.  

... 04.05.2011  1100 PDT


PS: Oh, and just more thing ... but that will have to wait until tomorrow.