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March 26, 2013

The Temperature Is Rising - Cyber Security Threats Abound


If you've been following the Cyber Security space, then you know that cyber threats are increasingly becoming a serious threat to national and corporate security worldwide. Over the last few weeks, we've all seen a steady increase in cyber security attacks, and we've also seen governments move to make cyber security a national security priority, as it rightly should be.

Last week, U.S Representative Dutch Ruppersberger of Maryland, top Democrat on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, said on CNN’s State of the Union program - “We have attacks right now. Wall Street has been attacked. We have the capability of other countries, including Iran, for destructive attacks, to knock out our grid system, to attack some of our banks. We have got to stop this.

A few months ago, I had alluded to the fact that the Perfect Storm may be brewing for organizations worldwide. I believe that a perfect cyber security storm is ahead of us, and it may be around the corner.

Based on what we're seeing, we believe that the temperature is rising, and that in months to come, the number and severity of cyber attacks on organizations is unfortunately only going to increase.

Based on what we're seeing, I also continue to believe that inspite of the rhetoric, most organizations worldwide, including numerous government organizations hardly have a clue as to some of the world's most serious cyber security risks today. (For now, the seem busy trying to figure out how to prevent themselves from kiddish DDOS attacks, which frankly, are merely an annoyance.)

There's no dearth of rhetoric when it comes to Cyber Security. There is only the dearth of the enactment of well-thought out, prioritized risk mitigation measures aimed at ensuring that organizations are adequately defendable from not just kiddish DDOS attacks to their front doors, but also adequately defendable from advanced cyber threats that could very well be launched from on the inside, once malicious perpetrators have found a way to deliver a well-crafted payload to the inside.

In essense, what is needed is that organizations understand just how paramount the importance of cyber security is, and that they swiftly enact measures aimed at ensuring that their digital assets are adequately and comprehensively protect from risks. A high-priority, well-funded, organization wide cyber security risk assessment and mitigation initiative

At Paramount Defenses, we're helping organizations obtain a deeper understanding of some of the most critical of such advanced threats that have the potential to cause swift, irreversible, wide-spread damage to the very foundation of their cyber security defenses.

We wish all organizations well, and we hope that understand the gravity of the situation, because the temperature is certainly rising, and the perfect storm may unfortunately be around the corner.

Best wishes,