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May 29, 2013

New Coordinates - Cyber Security Blog


On April 24 2013, this blog's url changed from to

Now that might sound like the height of conceit, but there's a very good and selfless reason for that. Allow me to explain.

You see, ideally I would have been happy with something like, say However, when you know a thing or two about security, and you see the likes of Kim Cameron demonstrate the height of conceit by blogging on urls like, you sometimes have to make a point to the Kim Camerons of the world, that there are others, who could shed light on things far more important, and that's what motivated the url

Active Directory Security - A Top Cyber Security Priority
As for the new coordinates,, the reason was simple. There's just so much senseless noise being made by the media regarding cyber security that organizations worldwide are actually missing out on the need to protect the very foundation of their cyber security, their foundational Active Directory infrastructures. So, we decided to acquire that url so we could shed light on the most paramount aspect of cyber security - protecting the very foundation of cyber security itself.

Speaking of foundational security, in case you didn't know, the entire U.S Federal Government and all state governments, virtually all other national and state governments, Microsoft, CNN, Symantec, HP, Dell, etc. all operate on Active Directory.

Active Directory is the Foundation of Cyber Security

In fact, from Wall Street to Fortune 1000, virtually all business and government organizations worldwide operate on Active Directory. So I hope you'll see just how important it is to help them understand that their underbellies are rather soft.

Now, of course, reporters at the CNNs of the world aren't going to tell you that, because even though they too operate on Active Directory, I doubt their reporters have even heard of Active Directory. Or for that matter I wouldn't be surprised if 90% of the world's hackers know anything about it (which is a good thing for us good guys). Its the other 10% that we worry about.

So, you see, the reason is simple - we merely wish to help organizations worldwide understand the importance of protecting their very foundation of security, because even the tallest of skyscrapers are only as strong as its foundation.

Oh, just one more thing.

As for the date April 24, 2013, the reason we made the change that day is because on that day we made an announcement that has far-reaching implications for the cyber security space. On that day, we announced that we had been granted a very important cyber security patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Organizations (U.S PTO.)

You see, security (including cyber security) is fundamentally about access control (i.e. the prevention of unauthorized access to resources), and apart from controlling access, one of the most important aspects of access control is access assessment i.e. being able to assess what access someone effectively has in a system.

The Need to Know Who has Access To What is Paramount To Cyber Security

The patent we were awarded covers exactly that - a method and system for assessing the access that a user effectively has in a system. So you see, that patent has huge implications for the entire cyber security space, because it potentially applies to everything from trying to determine who has what effective access to a web server to who has what effective access to a file residing on a file server, and from determining who has what effective access to data residing in a database to determining who has what effective access to administer an IT infrastructure.

In other words, as you'll hopefully agree, we've hopefully earned the right to stake claim to

In weeks to come, you can expect some insightful perspectives on the subject.

Best wishes,