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April 25, 2012

The Experts Conference 2012 – For the Experts, by the Experts - So Here's a Question for these Experts


Time’s very valuable, and I couldn’t ordinarily be bothered about some conference. But since this one involves a gathering of experts, I figured I'd ask these experts just one basic, simple, elemental, fundamental question.

Q. Can they precisely determine who can reset their own account's password in their organization’s mission-critical Active Directory?

I don’t think so. Although I'd love to be wrong.

We can.

We can answer this question for our own accounts, and have the capability to answer this very question for the accounts of all of these experts. Not just for their accounts, for the account of every person in their organization; not just every person in their organization, every person in every organization running on Active Directory.

It turns out that this one single, simple, basic, elemental, fundamental question has to do with one of the toughest IT challenges for organizations worldwide. i.e. finding out exactly who has what native effective access in their mission-critical Active Directory deployments?

Not only is this very tough, its very important, or perhaps better phrased, its paramount.


Well, if organizations don’t even know precisely who has the keys to their kingdom(s), what could be more important than that?

Anyway, my time's up, so if you’ll kindly excuse me, I’ve got to get back to helping organizations worldwide obtain the answer to this one simple, basic, elemental, fundamental question.

In fact, on Apr 30, 2012, at exactly 8:00 am US Pacific Time, we'll do just that. I'm sure that our announcement will be of substantial interest to all attendees of the Experts Conference, esp. those attending the Keynote.

You’re welcome to check back here at 8 am US Pacific Time on April 30, 2012.