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April 18, 2012

Unveiling the Powerful, Unrivaled, Gold Finger 5.0


On behalf of Paramount Defenses Inc, it is my pleasure to unveil Gold Finger 5.0, quite simply, the most powerful IT security analysis tool in the world -

Gold Finger

Gold Finger 5.0 delivers 7 powerful, unique and innovative security analysis capabilities for Microsoft Active Directory (AD), all at the touch of a button -
  1. Customized Security Audit Report Generation
  2. Complete Nested Group Membership Enumeration
  3. A Windows Security Access Token Viewer
  4. A Detailed Active Directory ACL Viewer and ACL Exporter
  5. The World's Most Powerful Active Directory Permission Analyzer 
  6. The World's First and Only Accurate Effective Permissions Analyzer
  7. The World's Only Accurate Effective Delegated Access Reporter

Gold Finger 5.0 uniquely fulfills the paramount need to determine who has what access, effective-access and delegated-access in AD, for 85+% of all organizations worldwide.

Simply put, it is the Ferrari of Active Directory Security Analysis Solutions.

Need one say more?

Gold Finger 5.0 was unveiled online at -

Best wishes,