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April 30, 2012

Introducing the Innovative Gold Finger Mini


Earlier today, we announced the world's first Corporate Identity Theft Prevention Solution, the innovative Gold Finger Mini -

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As you may know, when performed legitimately, a password reset is an IT operation, but when performed with malicious intent, a password reset is tantamount to corporate identity theft.

Gold Finger Mini is quite simply the world's first and only solution that can instantly find out and reveal precisely who can reset your Windows corporate account password.

In fact, it can also instantly determine and reveal who can reset the password of any of your colleagues, and do so, at the touch of a button.

Thus, it can uniquely help you assess and lockdown the count of the number of individuals who possess the ability to reset your corporate account passwrod and login as you.

Gold Finger Mini is designed for organizational employees, so they too can partake in the the organization's IT security efforts, and it is available in one free, and three paid editions.

Now corporate users worldwide can instantly determine just how much of a risk of corporate identity theft they're at today, all at the touch of a button.

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