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January 1, 2017

Cyber Security/Hacking: Russian Code Likely Running in U.S. Government


In light of all the talk of Russia's purported involvement in the recent U.S. Elections by way of hacking, we felt the need to let it be known that today, computer code that was either likely written in Russia and/or that is still likely supported from within Russia, is likely still running in highly privileged security contexts across potentially many parts of the U.S. Government.

To the wise, we need say no more.

By the way, this is neither something that we uniquely know nor is it classified information. This information is freely available in the public domain and can be easily deduced by some basic online sleuthing, by anyone with merely an Internet connection.

Just one more thing; as a cyber security professional, I find the means by which whoever hacked the DNC and John Podesta's emails absolutely laughable - I mean what an amateur job it was, and yet the profoundness of its impact is almost unbelievable!

I mean, here we worry about how someone could write a few lines of code targeting Active Directory and potentially be in a position to proverbially shut the motor of the world, and there some kid just phishes John Podesta into obtaining access to his Gmail account and thereby to vast amounts of private email, which he/she then purportedly passes on to WikiLeaks, who ends up releasing it in the public domain. and that according to the CIA, that ends up influencing the U.S. Election.

Best wishes,

PS: To the respected folks in our govt., please know that we already informed the highest cyber security officials concerning the likely presence of Russian code earlier last year. However, if there is still a need to identify it, pls let us know; we're here to help.